Steps to Complete a Sheet Music 楽譜が出来上がるまで

日頃よりタントタント ミュージック ストア(ピアスコア) をご愛顧いただきありがとうございます。
Thank you for choosing Sheet Music at Tanto Tanto Music Score (PIASCORE)
➡ 作品番号と著作権の有無を調べます。
② 編曲作業
③ 楽譜ストア(ピアスコア)に販売の申請をします。
④ 参考演奏作成(演奏収録、動画作成)

The procedure for finishing a song goes like this.
(1) Search by JASRAC
➡ Find out the work number and whether the work is copyrighted or not.
 If there is a copyright, apply to the management company for permission to make an arrangement.
(You can arrange only when the permission is granted.)
(2) Arrangement
(3) Apply to the sheet music store (Piascore) for sales.
➡Although it depends on the management company of the work, a proxy application from Piascore is also possible.
(In the case of a proxy application from Piascore, there is an advantage of having the copyright included in the application.)
(4) Creation of reference performance (recording of performance, creation of video)

Once purchased, Piascore will send an email notification, but the buyer’s information is not revealed.
Here are the emails for August and September 2023.

Tanto Tanto Playlist   Tanto Tanto Music ScorePiascore & Kokomu 【】 Piascore Kokomu

We also created a ranking of songs purchased.

Works that do not require copyright (Public Domain / P.D.) and sheet music in its original form, are available here.
However, there are many different publishers, so you will need to take the time to search for the right one.

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