Complete Award コンプリート賞


Yesterday, my daughter Elisa, who is in senior high school, participated in the award ceremony of the
PTNA’s Competition Complete Award. I am grateful for this valuable opportunity. As a junior and senior high school student, it is challenging to balance her studies, and she had doubts several times this year about whether to
participate or not. However, she was delighted when she received the notice of the Complete Award.
PTNA always offers many motivational projects to us, and I am very thankful to them.
It was a pleasure to listen to the wonderful performance of Ms.Manami Suzuki,the Grand Pix winner of the 2023
Special Class, and to talk with her about many things.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the teachers who have supported her so far.
We appreciate your continued support.

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Translated from Japanese
「There are six grades in the PTNA Piano Competition: Grade A1 (for students in 2nd grade and under), Grade B (for students in 4th grade and under), Grade C (for students in 6th grade and under), Grade D (for students in 8th grade and under), Grade E (for students in 10th grade and under), and Grade F (for students in 12th grade and under).

The award ceremony was held to honor all the participants who completed the competition.
Ms. Aimi Suzuki won the Special Grand Prix and was awarded the Complete Prize, which included
A2, G, Pre Special, and Extra Special.

After receiving her certificate, Ms. Aimi Suzuki played the piano on behalf of all the winners, and then everyone
gathered for individual commemorative photos. All the prize winners played the piano out of their love for it,
and they participated in the competition willingly.

I had the opportunity to talk with each of the winners after the awards ceremony and discovered that playing the piano was the common thread that connected them all. It is truly a blessing that I am a part of their lives through my work.
I hope that they will continue to play the piano and lead a fulfilling life for many years to come.」

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